Jekyll, markdown and a new site

December 12, 2015

A coupe of days ago I found something amazing called Jekyll. It's basicly a website generator based on your needs and changes. So no more databases and pesky updates to worry about.

Jekyll works really easy and the 'blogposts' are made in .md files, better known as markdown files. I didn't realize I already had a markdown editor installed: iA Writer. I have been using iA Writer for years to write small texts for clients and blogposts but I never realized it was a markdown editor as well. I started off trying to use iA writer as a markdown editor but for me it was to limited. After some searching I found a better alternative.

Mou is a free markdown editor that works perfect in conjunction with Jekyll. After some playing around and migrating my old blogposts, I decided to migrate my personal blog from Wordpress to Jekyll. So no more setting up databases, keeping up with Wordpress and plugin updates. Just a simple blogging platform to share my tips, tricks and ideas.