Moving HomeBridge to Docker

February 20, 2017

Last year I started messing around with HomeBridge and got pretty reliant on using it on a daily basis. The fact that it was running on a small computer beneath my TV using a Wi-Fi connection wasn't ideal to say the least.

So time to migrate the whole thing to something a bit more stable, which hardly ever turns off and has a wired network connection; a NAS. To be more specific a QNAP TS251+ with a dual-core Intel-chip.

The QNAP software runs something called Container Station, which basically is Docker with a fancy QNAP GUI.

Within Container Station you can search the Docker Hub for Docker containers. I've tried a few different HomeBridge builds but this one tends to be the most stable in my situation.

Setting it up for the first time was quite frustrating because most of the settings you have to get right before you create the Container. If you mess it up you have to delete the container and start over.

2 things I did to fit my needs is:

Set the Network Mode in bridge and assign a static IP to the host. This IP-address is in the same LAN as the rest of my devices. That way there is nog NAT between the HomeBridge and the devices it controls, so less chance of something going haywire.

I created a shared folder to link between the Container and the filesystem on the NAS. On first startup the Container tries to create a config folder located at /root/.homebridge/

At the setup I created a shared folder with the same path within the container and a /share/Containers/shared/homebridge on the NAS. Linking those two folders resulted in the config files being readable and editable even if the container is not running. This makes it very convenient to make changes and manually backup the HomeBridge configs.